Carpenter Cutting Wood


An Old Pro

Rick Duprez was born 1960 in a small New England town. He was interested at a very early age in working with wood, staining, painting and creating.


Rick began working during the summer months while he was still in High School painting houses. He was fortunate to be employed by an “Old School” Master Painter, Gordon McKay who was then and still is one of the most skilled craftsman Rick had ever encountered. Gordon was instrumental in awakening the artistic nature in Rick and the realization of his “right brain” thinking. Gordon instilled in Rick a profound appreciation for the craftsmen and artisans that came before him and the importance of developing the skill to repair, restore or duplicate their work.  By taking Rick under his wing, with over three years of employment, Gordon gave Rick the foundation to do restorative work, for the art of faux finishing and for producing the highest quality finish work Rick’s heart and two hands can create.


In the 1980’s, Rick moved to California settling in the Napa Valley where he continued to work his crafts and develop his skill level while employed by others. By the early 1990’s, Rick established and ran a small high end cabinet finishing business. The success of that business was predicated on Rick’s ability to give his clients fully custom finishes created exclusively for them. Each finish was created in Ricks shop using paints, lacquers, glazes and various antiquing techniques designed especially for the client.


As Ricks children made their way off to college Rick and his wife decided to move from the Bay Area to a more relaxed rural setting. They are now residing in Klamath Falls, OR.


Rick has just fulfilled one of his lifelong dreams by completing the construction of his small workshop and art studio. He has taken on a new epoxy resin medium that has opened a new world of artistic possibilities.